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Diaphragm Membranes


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Generally speaking ... the actual number of hours flown will make little difference to the diaphragm, the things basically sits there immersed in petrol 24hrs a day whether you fly it or not. Paramotors run such low hours per year, its basically just a question of when it hardens and cracks really. and whether you've done 5 or 100 hours is not going to make any difference. I've got a 25yrs old lawnmower still on its original diapragmn .. they seem to last 10 years at least under normal circumstances if its a qulity material in the first place, so Id go with whats Simon said basically leave it alone, perhaps change it when you rebore the engine and overhaul the carb ...

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I have R120 and have done more time than yours with same carb untouched.

If it is used regularly it will last for ages. If left for months to dry it won't.

I had a solo 210 with walbro on a hanglider trike for 7 years without touching the carb, and it sometimes went months without being used. Eventually crashed it and left it for a couple of years and the carb membranes were then perished and the carb full of guey gunk.

If it isn't broken, don't fix it.


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