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Has anyone got or can get an easy start?

its the cable that you plug in to your cigarette lighter socket and the other end in to another cars cigarette lighter socket to charge the battery if its gone flat.

Pete b


http://www.maplin.co.uk/Search.aspx?cri ... ce=15&SD=Y

Great minds....

Yes, I bought two different cheap types after trusty Parajet did a no start once. Both worked so I leave one in the tool box and the other in the car.

I now use it every time on the way to a flyin.

You can have them both for a few weeks. I'm home Friday if you want to collect and have a brew?



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If its for charging the utility batteries while you a running up the motorway, just tap a wire onto the battery +ve and slap it on the lorry batteries ... the real deal is to use a thing called a "diode split" ... two diodes in the alternator output, one charges the vehicle battery, the other charges the utility battery, the diodes make sure the utility battery doesnt try and help start the car.

You can buy diode splits at most marine chandlers, because they have EXACTLY this same problem on boats .. or get a thing called a "split charge relay" ..

see http://www.tb-training.co.uk/16elect.htm

or, just bodge a bit of wire in from the battery +ve and remember to disconnect it once you park up :)

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Hi Rszemeti

The relay/diode is the best way to go,I have that in my van but just looking for a quick temporary fix for the tip to tip with out the ground crew having something else to remember to connect and disconnect.

Cheers Pete b

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