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Right I am now in the position to start looking at getting myself sorted with regards equipment, below is a list of stuff I need in order of importance, I am a complete newbie so anything you have may be of interest to me, most of all it needs to be, safe, inexpensive and reliable.

Wing: I weight 76 KG so am looking for a wing in my wieght range.

motor: anything considered however I would prefer something like a PAP with a low hang point harness

Helmet: size medium

Flying suit: size medium.

that should be enough to get me started.

I am not looking to spend great deal of money to start of with until I get some flying hours under my belt.

Thanks guys, Dave.

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Then look at other things

Pete b

gloves and training sorted :D

wing would be the first thing so i can get some ground handling started, I want to buy a wing wich i will eventualy fly, so I feel tottaly comfortable with it by the time I take to the air.

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