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[HELP] Which Paramotor Engine Is Better for me


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Hey, im a intermediate pilot with EN-C wing and i live in a city that 2000 meter above the sea level . Me and my close friend who is a professional paragliding pilot are decided to buy paramotor equipments and we need a engine for tandem flights together (not with trike) . We have access to a private road up to 5KM which is good for foot lunch haha im kidding , btw we don't need powerful engine that can fly us quickly in a short way , i mean we don't care if the engine is weak and required to run even one kilometer to fly haha im joking but i know engines with high power are dangerous and can push me and the passenger to ground with face and hurt us a lot . so the weaker engines are safer because if we pull the throttle a lot by mistake on lunch then its not have lots of power . Oh also my weight is 85KG and my friend weight is 80KG , also i don't care about fuel efficiency at all because gas is cheaper than water in my country. The only things that i care the most is 1-low maintenance engine that don't require repair too soon or even it can be serviced easily by any two stroke repairman in third world countries 2-best high quality materials to build the engine even its expensive 

P.S.: I want to find answer of my questions in this group while i learn how to fly by paramotor and then tandem with help of a local instructor guys don't worry please don't misunderstand by my poor English

Please accept my apologies for poor English

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8 hours ago, alan_k said:

For tandem flights you will need a bigger wing that is rated for your combined all up weight.

You will be looking at 40-42 metre size wings. A Moster 185 engine is used often for tandem operations with a power of 25hp so any engine around 25-28hp should suit.

Thanks for the information, i really appreciate for take your precious time to answer my questions sir. I wish you guys a happy healthy long life with joy 


Do you know which type of engine is more sensitive to low quality gas/fuel? I mean 2Stroke or 4Stroke or EFI

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What's the PROS and CONS of Ozone Triox-2 if we compare it with other tandem-trike wings on the market? 

Please only those pilots who have had the experience of flying with this wing answer the question. Thanks for helping me guys i really appreciate for take your precious time to share your experience with me and accept my apologies for poor English

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