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Raket 120 for a 95kg pilot


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Hello everyone,

I am new here and to PPG, and will soon start the motor part of my training, after finishing the free flight initial part of the course. My school requires the students to buy their own wing and motor before starting training. My friend is willing to sell me his raket 120 paramotor with 120cm propeller for 300 eur but we are both not sure if it would be capable of lifting me off the ground in a safe manner. He is 80kg and it worked for him ok but cant tell if it would for me.

My instructor, on the other hand, is of belief that I need AT LEAST a 30hp engine, like polini 250 or tornado 280 (which he is selling so naturally he pushes a bit in that direction). But I heard of 90kg folks who flew top 80, of course i dont believe the performance was stellar, but it did lift them off the ground and they were able to fly. Also plenty of folks  fly the trusty solo 210 which is very similar to the raket 120 in power.


My question is would the Raket 120 be sufficient for a beginning and undemanding pilot of 95kg? It has an expansion chamber btw. Would perhaps changing the reduction ratio to 1:3.6 or 1:4 from an existing 1:3 and  fitting a larger propeller be an answer?


The engine runs well and I would be delighted if I could be served by this rather light machine (its so easy for me to pick it up, and there arent too many vibrations, unlike the Zanzottera mz34 I tried to run on my back, yikes!).

Aside from the price, low weight is the main reason I am attracted to this engine.


I appreciate all of your responses and i want to apologize for not introducing myself first I am over my head with stuff to do currently I will get back to you guys tomorrow.


Best regards,


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Understood. Well I guess 185cc wont be that much worse as far as vibration goes. All I know is I dont want 250-300cc monsters on my back. I would for sure get a massive headache.


I just find it weird that so many 90kg and plus folks flew solo 210 back in the day (prolly because they didnt have anything else), their all up weight must have been higher than mine would have been with the raket. That is the reason why I even considered it in the place.

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