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Which Reserve?


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How does one know what type of reserve to buy?, is it based purely on the weight of the machine and pilot, what about where to fit it on the machine?, lots of chat about one behind the head being a bad job....

Do the majority of pilots fly with a reserve?



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Lots of people have reserves attached to the cage above / behind the head: You just have to consider if the cage is still going to be there if all has gone wrong and you need the reserve.

Ive got mine attached to my front and use it as an instrument flight deck. I can see the handle at all times and its easy to reach with both hands. Its your choice at the end of the day.

I have used metamofosi reserve chutes since hangliding days (1980's). Ive a conar 20 for my paramotor, and it works, I know. The metamorfosi lines go all around the canopy and back to the riser rather than stitched to the apron which makes them stronger. I would never fly without a reserve. They cost a fair bit but I wouldn't be writing this if I flew without one.



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