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Hello, I have decided I want to get into paramotors, I did around 2o hours training on microlights some years back but it proved too expensive at the time, I have always been into aviation so i though it was time I got aloft :D

I have been looking at paramotors for sale on the net and spotted this,

I want to swap my kit as follows: RAD Airheart 120cc power pack, this unit has been completly rebuilt with parts from main dealer and is running as new, Wing is a Firebird Matrix all up weight of 125kg the wing is in excellent condition with very little airtime on it. There is also a paig of Hagwan Boots as new size 9, plus the usual bags for the wings. I am looking for somthing with 2-3 or 4 wheels as I fancy a change of direction,Paramotor Trike or I may exchange for a microlight...just let me know what you have. motocross, scrambler,trike, anything

Asking Price £2200

my questions are:

is the above a good deal?

would it be suitable for a learner?

where else should I be looking for a secondhand paramotor?

if I did a course on paramotoring would the school supply me with a paramotor for my training or would I have to hire one?

Thanks guys, any info would be apreciated :D

Cheers, Dave.

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Hi Dave,

Welcome to the Paramotor Club!

In the order you asked,

Yes it is a good idea to fly!

The Firebird Matrix is a DHV 1-2 so considered great for newbie Paramotor Pilots.

Google 'Paramotor for sale' and hit the top few....

his depends on the school, I have a full set of Kit here at no charge, some dont have kit, some charge, shop around.

I hope this helps.


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thanks Simon, I read a review of the wing and it was very good, the test pilot said it was one of the easiest and safest wings he had flown,wich is encouraging, what about the motor? I have done a search and not found too much info on it, is it a name you recognise?

thanks, Dave.

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