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Av8er or Parajet


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I was going to wait to buy a parajet rotary, but can't wait that long. Can anyone give me a comparison between the parajet macro and the Av8er Titan. I have found Simon W helpful and easy to talk to. I have had problems contacting Av8er. I am wanting to buy one of these to but I live overseas so I can't test fly either. Any help would be appreciated.

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Probably not the technical or hands on comparison that you are looking for as I fly a Parajet Volution and have no experience of the av8er products, but possibly the most important reason why I am glad to have bought a Parajet is the aftersales service.

By their nature, you are likely to have technical issues with any paramotor. I found that Giles and Markus at Parajet pulled out all of the stops when I had problems with my motor. Giles even gave and arranged support while he was in China on business, resulting in the motor being quickly fixed under warranty and becoming reliable again.

If you are having problems contacting av8er as a prospective customer, how responsive will they be when you've got a problem. Would be very frustrating if the weather is perfect for flying and you're grounded because you can't contact them for help!

Parajet has a reputation for quality, so you will easily sell the Macro if you still want a rotary when it becomes available.

Good luck with your decision!

Best regards,



Realise that I sound like a Parajet sales rep, but am just a user telling it like I find it!

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Hi 416nem,

I have always had great service from AV8ER, through my training, after sales support, they have been great! :D

I've flown a range of school motors and different wings with them and Av8er have been very supportive through out and I can't recommend them highly enough!

I have found that the best way is to Email Paul@av8er.com with your contact details and he will call you back, he's got a full time job, so he will answer your calls in the evening.

He has a website www.av8er.com and all his contact details are on there too.

I have seen the quality of AV8ER machines and they are very powerful and light. I was flying a PAP during the day and then we headed to the workshop. There I tried on a Titan. FANTASTIC! slightly heavier that the PAP, but the way the motor was higher and closer to your back, along with the integral fuel tanks, it seemed more comfortable. It was also easy to fly and more powerful.

It was the one for me, so I've placed an order. Just got to decide on a wing now ............ :?

I'm confident that if I have any problems Paul will provide great after sales service. He's only up in Northampton.

Also that the Engines that he supplies are made by Corsair and the parts are available worldwide from a number of sources, and they are standard go-kart fuel tanks so spare and support should not be a problem.

I have seen the parajet and I think it looks great, but for me it was way to heavy, whereas the Titan I think has some better design features. I've also heard that some of the engine parts are made by Gilo (crankcases?) or am I wrong about this?

Just my 2p worth...........


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The crankcase is one of the main differences between the Parajet and the Black Devil. Gilo's ones are machined aluminium whereas BD use cast steel. Each has its own advantages so it's up to you.

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Hi Woody,

Thanks for your help. I got a hold of Paul shortly after posting. Paul had been calling me and I had been calling him and the timing wasn't quite right. I have found him very knowledgable and helpful. He has help me sort out a few paramotor issues I have. I love the look of his machines. He has just sent me a quote, So hopefully there will be two machines in Australia shortly. Can you post some info on your titan when you get it so we can compare notes.



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HI 416,

I've gone for the Black Magic as I've flown that in an Orbiter and was happy with it. Its been out longer so if there are issues with it then they are well known.

I've also spoken to other owners on Magic's and the only bad works they had to say about them is noise and can be thirsty if your heavy on the throttle.

I quite like the Devil, but its new out and couldn't find anyone with one for some feedback, although nothing is cast in stone and I might change my mind.....



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