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Atom 80 max flight time

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Hi all

If I were to go for a very long cross country on my Mav Atom 80, it there any reason why I couldn't fly continuously, say four hours? I use 2 to 2.5 LTRs/HR.

I do not have a head or exhaust gas temp gauge.  Also are there any additional checks needed after the flight other than the plug?

Don't want to damage my favourite mode of transport.



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There shouldn't be any reason to prevent you flying for 4 hours. Some engines have a time limit for climb at max revs, perhaps 5 minutes, but if you are just at cruising revs there shouldn't be any problem.

I have looked at the Atom 80 manual and there isn't any such restriction in it. The usual pre and post flight inspections will cover everything. Vittorazi recommend checking the prop bolts tension before every flight.

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