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What Motor?

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Im a few months away from buying a motor but is there any that i can or should rule out? Im 6 foot tall and weigh 103kgs so is there a certain size motor i should be aiming to look at? Obviously being a total newbie i want fairly slow and steady and nothing thats going to scare the living daylights out of me?!! As i say this is just for a bit of research on my part! :D

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Blimey, are you my twin? I'm exactly 6 foot tall and exactly 103kg too.

My Pap delivers enough clout from a small engine to haul my arse in the sky, its also quite lightweight, very comfortable in the seat and is as smooth as custard flying around on about quarter throttle, in saying that I've only flown the darn thing twice but compared to the H&E I used in training, well there is no comparison frankly.

I guess everyone loves their own machine and loves to think they've bought the best one so you'll get a ton of different opinions on this matter!


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Ive also been told i look like boris becker and ian dowie malcs so i really do hope you are better blessed than me in that department!! I had a tough paper round!!

Ok, ive heard about the PAP from quite a few people? Are these fairly easy to find? i will e looking at the second hand market when it comes to my motor! Thanks for the advice though :D

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I started on a PAP and love the low hang point swining arm system. This is available on a number of machines and I now fly a Parajet.

You are going to be around 160kg all up weight so.....

You will need

at least 32kg thrust to sustain level flight in still air so at least 50kg for climbing flight. 60kg and you are starting to get a bit overpowered like the rest of us. If so you need more careful pilot input when flying it as the throttle is NOT a speed control but a pitch control (the wing speed is determined by its size, design and its control settings.)

Make sure the harness fits and your centre of gravity can be set fore and aft and up and down, i.e. that your proposed machine hangs correctly with you in it.

Come along to the meets and look at all the different sorts around.

Think about the supply of spare parts and how long they take to come.

Buy a machine that is "known" within the community or take an expert with you when you buy, be cautious of ebay motors.

Look at the machine and ask yourself "how is the designer trying to kill me?" these are experimental aircraft and we are the crash test dummies - all have brilliant design ideas and "what the f were they thinking of" bits.

In the end whatever you buy you will need to become a 2 stroker in short order or "know a man that can". These machines are temperamental and shake themselves to bits.

I have yet to see the perfect paramotor but live in hope. Whatever you get you will have the best fun EVER and be as mad as a march hare ifyou are not already.

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I'll be at Lamborne too on Sunday so you'd be more than welcome to strap it on your back and fire it up and feel the 63kg as it nails you to the bonnet of my van.

Hopefully if my demons don't get the better of me then you'll see it haul my fat arse in the air too!

Gosh I'm sounding like a salesman, I'm not on commission honest :D

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well theres the confirmation for you! 63 kg is ample.

I suspect that any starting of engines outside the designated and roped off "test firing" area will be considered in the same vein as farting in church though!!! Dont forget to get an "Airfield Briefing" from Simon or Colin before trying it out ;-) I wonder if there will be a hang check frame for us to dangle from?

I expect there will be a designated "fuelling area" as well.

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Heh Malcs,

What demons are these?


The voices in my head after doing a perfect launch, I start running and they say "Don't be stupid man, humans can't fly" and then I abort a launch that my peers are always envious of!

Its fecking annoying but self preservation seems to have set in at the moment, 3 perfect forwards in zero wind last night, absolutely no reason to abort, I'll get over it!

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Your post made good sense to me Francis. I spent ages looking (including ebay where every motor seemed to make more than it's worth) There're a long list of factors to be considered. I would place safety near the top of the list and cage strength right up there for beginners. It's no fun shelling out another £1000 for broken props. I'll admit I would've broken a few. See you Sunday

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I'm in much the same position as you. I went up to lambourn a couple of weeks ago and spent the day in the field with MAlcs, pete, mike, simon and others watching them fly out. There was a tremendous variety of machines from the parajets (all three types) to home enginneered models. So I guess it's just choosing a motor which suits budget and style. Everyone I spoke to did advise to sink the good money in the wing as a priority which I think is good advice as this is what should keep you in the air.

Personally speaking I was impressed with the parajets by just the sheer build quality and attention to detail (although they were among the heaviest of all the motors I saw) not to mention power output.

Good luck and hope to see you at Westmill Farm soon !


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if my demons don't get the better of me !


The only Demon you got to worry about on the weekend is me on the other end of your radio

Pete b :evil::evil::twisted:

Give it to me honey!! Last time I flew properly was with your ugly mug shouting and grimmacing at me, maybe there's a formula there, can you bottle it?

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