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Ozone Sirocco 3

Mark Pugh

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This summer I updated my wing. I'd been flying a second hand Paramania REVO2 size 26 or 27 (I forget) and loved the wing. But it was made out of heavy duty (bombproof) material, and never mind what I did, it always seemed to land very fast. I'm getting older (57) and wanted something that was just easier to launch and slower to land.

After chatting with Clive Mason, I took a punt and ordered the Sirocco 3 that he told me fitted the bill exactly. I trust his judgement and have bought reserves, carabiners, etc from him before. It was quite a long wait for delivery but I've now had ten flights on it and I love it.

I can reverse launch in the lightest breeze, it only feels like a maximum of ten steps and I'm in the air and every landing has been stationary and slow. It doesn't feel like that as I'm rushing at the ground....but, with a wrap and the two stage flare, it's unusual I have to take more than a single step as I reach the ground. Just what I needed.

Even on the first flight it felt solid and stable. I'm not into acro (way too old for that!), but it's solid on wing-overs and easy in and out of the spiral dive. Very pleased with this wing, a bit un-imaginative in the colour scheme and design. But the flying is brilliant. Very impressed. My last new wing was 1997 when I got an Edel Sector to compete on, but I've had a few second hand wings before converting to POWER.

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