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Hang points?

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First post so Hi to all :lol:

Yep another noob here. I bought a motor and wing a couple of months ago, I then found out about something to do with ground handling?? Thought i could jump on and just fly it!. I removed my sup-air para-motor harness for some ground handling practice.

Anyways after a day of ground handling i SOON realized there was allot more for me to learn before i would be soaring through the skies.

I have since done quite allot of practicing and para-glided of some hills in wales With a good friend Rodger who sadly passed away last week. He ended up hanging in a tree!! He was certainly a character and will be dearly missed. "Lowey likes trees" on youtube if you want a chuckle at his first flight.

I have now attached the harness back onto the walker-jet frame to set the hanging angle. But even with the D-Shackles set to the closest point from center of gravity it seems to have to much natural hang angle ? I weigh 10 stone.

Relaxed position.


I am having to push forward with my legs to bring the motor up.


Attachment point


Should i fabricate some new hanging sections something along these lines?


OR!!! Have i simply attached the harness wrong :lol::lol: ?

Any help/advice would be appreciated

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Hi Wayne

I've flown one for 14 months but it differs from yours. If you have lumbar adjustment try tightening that so it pulls the back of your seat forward slightly. I dont like your hang points. The newer ones have a soft strap wrapped right round the comfort bar instead of a hole through the tube and a bolt. There are two flat plates welded to the underside of the tube with 4 slots at different settings for the soft straps to carry the weight.

Might be worth asking Paul Deakin about mods or solutions. sales@paraglidershop.co.uk

Incidentally. What motor is that unit running?



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Hi Dave.

Unfortunately the harness only has adjustment on the shoulder straps.

Ive tried to have a look at the harnesses and cages from the link. I wasn't able to see how they have been modified because pic's were to small.

will email Paul Deakinhave to see if there are any mods, I'm also hoping it wont be to much hassle to convert it to electric start. In the mean time I will scout round the web for some info.

I have found a pic of what looks to be the same frame as mine, is this the lumberjack adjustment you talk about?

If so, that could be the easiest solution for me is to get a new harness. That adjustment looks like it would do the trick.

EDIT: Resize :shock:


I think the guy i bought it from said the motor was a solo 210. There are no names/markings for me to be sure.

I will post a pic to see if someone more knowledgeable than myself could confirm.



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Yes Wayne. That's the one. You could get fond of real ale and pies mate. It might help. Heavy boots? The guy who sold me my Flat-top was 10.5 stone and flew it on the rearmost setting. I'm 16 stone and only on the second setting. There are 2 more. I reckon you'd have to be the wrong side of 20 stone not to be able to get in the seat and airborne. Well it is USA built. It's more to do with the length of your thighs really.

Mate of mine had one like yours. High energy ignition helps alot. They start better. Hope it has tuned pipe and good carb. Bit weak in standard form. Should fly you ok though. Good strong frame for learning. Be carefull. And stay off that bike I saw in your photos. Dangerous they are..!!!


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Hi Phill.

I too was thinking about this. Would the thrust pushing up at such a strong angle not make the wing more unstable and more susceptible to collapse, as well as a greater risk of prop strike ?

All the info i have seen suggests for the natural hang angle to be between 3-5 degrees.

What you reckon?

@ Dave. Believe me i eat like a horse and drink like a fish. My metabolism just wont allow me to gain weight!

The bike has been sidelined. Agreed, too dangerous!! :twisted:

Paul Deakin did reply to my email, He was unaware of any mods but did suggest stirrup\bridle if the angle was correct with my legs forward. Any thoughts on this ?

I'm going to see if i can find someone with a harness with the lumberjack adjustment i can try out. If that fails then I will look into making modified hang point sections.



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After making new sections to weld on, I got thinking about the vertical CG. For some reason it never occurred to me that the vertical CG would make a difference to the angle of my dangle :roll: . You cant see it in the pics but there is another cross section about 3" lower on the cage for the harness to attach to. After attaching it there it hangs perfectly :oops:

Thanks for the link DanTheMan. Ive had a good read anyways :wink:

I'm now onto checking/preparing the engine.

What 2 stroke oil you guys recommend and what petrol to oil ratio should i use?

The go-carting lads Ive spoke to swear by Silkolene pro 2, the track bike lads mostly use rock-oil synthesis 2 race ,and the motocross lads tend to use Castrol XR77.

Also do i use normal unleaded or premium petrol ?

@ FarmerDave.

Unfortunately the exhaust appears to be standard. (lawn-mower looking thing) :lol: The bloke told me he recently changed the ignition for a performance type, the make I'm unsure of though.

I will post in the wanted section for a performance pipe and a starter + ring gear. First i need to find out exactly what the engine is.

Thanks to all for the help.


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Dont be too keen to get the motor tuned up. I flew solo 210 in a pap frame for years with the standard head and box exhaust. It was well enough thrust with the rigt prop and Im 11st 3. It was reasonably quiet and not thirsty.Your hang points "learning adventure" is way more important. You are thinking about Cof G and thrust lines etc these are the critical things. Everyone flies with way too much power for their wings !

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This is a top comment.

"Everyone flies with way too much power for their wings !"

And very true.

The motor people are waiting for the wing people to catch up.


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