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Arduino Altimeter


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For fun I built an Arduino based altimeter.

Its fairly easy if you can manage a soldering iron and have a friend with a 3D printer :)

The code is also very basic and I´m sure someone could make a nicer display but I wanted:

  • Pressure
  • Altitude sea level
  • Altitude relative to start of flight (starts at zero)
  • Altitude up or down
  • Temp

I used a nice small display and it all runs off a 9V rechargeable battery.

The case needs work but function I´m happy with.

Its about 60 x 70 x 25 so quite small with a 1.7" display.


Arduino mini pro (3 GBP Amazon)

Adafruit DPS310 6.6 GBP

Adafruit 1.69 Screen 15.5 GBP (probably you could go cheaper here but its a nice display)


9V rechargeable battery

Few wires and a 3D printed case.

Files are here:












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Minor update to a case that is easier to print with FDM, this has less detail but is a stronger case and easier to assemble as lid is M3 screws.

Also looking to add the Adafruit compass as probably heading is more useful than temperate.

Temp is also in the case so not so useful.


VSI PLA 2.jpg

VSI PLA1.jpg

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