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Paramotor vibrations, time for a new engine?


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I have a pap pa125 and Im getting annoyed by the vibrations of this engine.

I have tried the stock 30*25mm mounts. 40*25mm 45 shore mounts and now 30*30 65 shore mounts.Shore is the hardness of the rubber.The engine is recently rebuilt,no play any where all bearings are good,checked the clutch flywheel etc. Otherwise it runs nice and really like the thrust level as its a intermediate between a top/atom and moster. I have tried 2 different propellers,one brand new from helix and one that i balanced myself. No matter what mounts and different things ive tried it still vibrates alot and does on all rpm although its more pronounced on some rpms. Im literally thinking the vibration will put wear on the risers and the stainless frame might crack due to fatigue from vibrations, 

During a recent fly in I got to try out a atom 80 on a mav frame and it was just buzzing on my back.I also tried a moster with air conception diabolo mounts, I was expecting it to vibrate at least as much as my pap but it was not much worse than the atom and nowhere close to the pa125.

I would be interested if someone could tell me that it is normal for this pa 125 engine to vibrate so much compared to newer engines.I think the ros125, he125 are all the same engine,I think blackhawk has been selling it as well. Are the newer engines that much better in terms of comfort and vibrations? Im particularly interested in the eos150 as its something between the atom and moster in terms on thrust and very light as well. Im only 64kg so I really dont need the moster thrust for xc and still vary of the atom thrust with faster wings.


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i have just moved from a ros125 to a moster classic. the ros 125 was much smoother than the moster  at mid range rpm.

I believe it's just the way the engines are built. Maybe look for a counter balanced engine. it will be heavier but smoother 

looking online it looks like it could be a bad carb adjustment too



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