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Power Comfort Reserve Volume


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I have a power comfort harness, came with a right side reserve bag.

I'm heavy enough I'm looking at reserves in the larger end of the range, so wondering if one I pick based on weight range will even fit in that pocket. They're listed by packed volume.

Does anyone know the volume of that Dudek reserve pocket, so I have a chance of determining if side pocket is feasible for me?


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Okay, so I got a little bit of relevant data from Dudek. On the chance it'll help someone else in similar situation, they say: "For Powerseat Comfort S / M, the container capacity is: min 4300 cm3, max > 5400 cm3, and for L / XL it is min 4600 cm3, max 5800 cm3." That's not a perfect guarantee this or that reserve will fit, but it gets us much closer. :)

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