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Two more newbies

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my name is Andy and my brother (Keith) and I are both well into our post mid-fifties mid-life crisis and have signed up for the paramotor trike course in Aug with fly school.

we are in the process of buying the fly products fly cruiser trike with Moster 185 and ozone roadsters through the same company and looking forward to starting the course.

neither of us have flown before and are a little concerned about where we can fly from once qualified. We have visited and spoken to the two local airfields in our area (Derby/ Burton) in Staffs but neither are interested in allowing paramotors or trikes.

we would be very keen to join any clubs in the midlands and would be very interested in contacts/tel numbers/addresses.

many thanks

Andy and Keith





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You'll probably find airfields rarely want paramotors, partly because we're slow I think. Possibly the noise too.

There are some paramotor friendly fields Derby way - Airways is in Ashbourne is one. 

Generally we fly from friendly farmer's fields. Once you find a field you'll become very protective of it. Being slow, low and noisy around the fields often causes friction with local residents so you have to work round this and then tend not to want anyone else to come and mess it up for you.

There's plenty of countryside your way so really it's a case of persevering and finding a field by asking about.

Don't worry about it for now, get through your training and enjoy it. You'll get to know people as you go and find places to fly :) 

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