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Ground Handling Wing Wanted


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Does anyone have a budget wing for sale (or loan) suitable for ground handling.

I am keen to get started Paramotor training this summer when things open up but with a background powerkiting (kiteboarding and kite buggying) I am worried about reverse launching and groundhandling a paramotor wing, everything is now going to be backwards for me.  Giving up the powerkites and moving onto Paramotoring is going to require reprogramming of the old muscle memory.

Let me know if you find anything whilst dusting off the kit this spring.





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Hi Kieron and welcome to the Paramotor Club. :-)

As an instructor I would have to suggest that you would be 100% better off waiting until you had at least been shown properly how to ground handle the wing. Any bad habits you develop while 'sussing it out yourself' will then have to be undone by your instructor and will most likely end up taking more time overall. 

My advice, at least one lesson, then home practice :-)



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