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Do I have enough time??

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Hi guys and gals,

Thank you in advance to any comments.

I am pretty new to the idea of Paramotoring but I have wanted to learn to fly from an early age. I considered for a long time whether I should make it a goal to get a full pilots licence and a small aircraft but I then decided that due to my main goal of joining the forces that this would be completely impractical and actually a little pointless as I'd not have much time to use it. I've recently (last 3-4 months) discovered paramotoring and it has once again stirred up the dream to fly and I think that this is a very good middle ground between an aircraft pilot and nothing.

Now I understand that anything like this is going to take a reasonable amount of time to just get right but I was wondering if I physically have enough time to make it worth while?

Thanks again for anything.



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Hi George, welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

Not sure where you are in the world but if you are joining the British Forces, you will soon find (after training) that you will have LOADS of time off :-)

There are also quite a few existing members of the armed forces who fly Paramotors here in the UK :-) 

Good luck with both the military training and the Paramotor training! 



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