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Somerset Levels Paramotor Pilots.

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Today I got this from a friend who is in the Police in Somerset.

"I’ve had to investigate a pair of low flying paramotors near Langport. I’ve seen the video of them and can’t even tell the wing colours....... Ultimately they were flying legally but very low and hedge hopping, and caused a mini “stampede” with his dairy herd, that’s the bit that made him complain. I think I pacified him enough by turning up and explained the laws to him, so he is a bit happier. He has asked me to respectfully put a message out for pilots to be extra careful when low flying to prevent a recurrence. Any chance this could be put out on PMC. No need to mention names, but maybe Somerset Levels. I have been speaking to ********* as I know he flies nearby, but it wasn’t him."

So to keep it short and sweet, if you are in the area flying it's most likely best if you avoid this farm / area for a while or at least consider the livestock a little by flying higher to get past them. :-)


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