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Ros 125 head replacement


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Ok so when i bought this engine i knew i would have to replace the head, it was leaking oil. Thankfully its only 120$ to swap . Probably caused by some bad gas.  Eric from airpro paramotor told me he saw this a few times from certain areas that didn't have access to good high octane gas. Probably caused by pre ignition/ improper timing. As i explain in my video, the previous head was warped too probably from uneven heat from the leak or just the preignition warping it ( doubtfull of that). Well , i still have to paint the exhaust and check the piston bearing/piston ring and maybe change the main bearings/seals. I put 12 hours on this engine so far and its running great i'm glad its reliable as i know the ros 125 is a it or miss.


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