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How big field do you need?


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we live in Droitwich and have a field that I’d like to know if it’s large enough to use for takeoff/landings? If so, would be happy letting anyone local use it from form time to time. It would be nice to have a chat too and know more about the sport, I love the idea of learning to fly

can anyone advise on field size and maybe take a look at if it’s useable?


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It doesn't have to be massive but it's important that there aren't obstacles surrounding the field such as power lines, tall trees, etc. Buildings and trees can cause turbulence if they are upwind of launch and can be hazardous. 

As your skills develop you'll need less space to safely launch and land and a football pitch size area is plenty. 

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One acre is 64 m by 64 m. Provided there are no obstacles around it, then once you are very proficient,  this is big enough. Two acres would be better.

A word of warning though. It is easier to take off from small patches than to land on them. I once took off from a small strip of car park (my flight number 21).....then I found I couldn't land on it as it was really difficult to get my height exactly right.

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