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Motorhome/Van/Car stereo upgrades


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Hi chaps - if you've got an older van or motorhome fer paramotor transport, or an older car - maybe it's worth upgrading yer stereo ?

I've had an android based on  in the motorhome for a while - 7" screen, etc- but it's very slow, crap processor, etc and kept crashing all the time.

They've come on quite a bit, and prices have dropped a hell of a lot so I fitted a new one.

You can get a cheap 10.1" panel one for about 60 quid now, or a better one with vastly faster processor, more memory, split screen support etc for about 150 squid.

I started with the 60 quid one, but went up to the 150 quid one as I wanted split screen, and more memory - since the cheap one kept closing my background apps as it ran out of memory.

Like all this chinese no make stuff, expect 'quirks' - the most obvious one for those not having used these before is that most will only 'remember' the apps, music etc playing for a minute or so after turn off ignition, then they shut down.. so each time you start motor its 20 secs or so to start up android... that's one of the few benefits ones like Xtrons and pumpkins ones have - but they cost twice as much.

anyway, they are worth a look if you fancy a cheapish upgrade to yer vehicle imho - I have split screen satnav/music player, latest maps, speed limits, traffic cams, tyre pressure monitor, etc and a nice big screen all for less than my first decent tape deck car stereo cost me in 1990..

This one lefts me adjust shutdown time - so at 15 mins it means stopping for petrol, etc doesn't mean it shuts down and restarts again.

I did add an amp, subwoofer and upgraded speakers right enough - which was another 200 quid, but still cheaper than a pioneer or summit.

here's my setup here if you wanna see one in action:



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