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Dudek wrc about


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On 12/02/2020 at 09:27, Onur said:

do your friend has wing over video or any video

Hi Onur, the Nucleon wrc is/was a great wing. Very stable and also a reputation for being fast (in its day) but note it is definitely an older design by today’s standards. I really loved the one I had, which had 2d steering added. It was rock solid for cross country flying but not amazingly agile... so great if you are low hours or just love xc flying. I flew it in some rowdy air and trusted it. To be honest it was tiring to do wingovers with but great for learning the basics. I don’t have any vids of it being thrown around but you can see mine back in 2017 on the PMC Spain trip... 


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2 hours ago, Onur said:

Hi Lee Thank you very much for your information.  What is the wing you will recommend right now? I will quickly get in and out of wing over and spral movements.

Hi Onur,

To be honest I'm probably not the best person to recommend a wing to you as I don't know anything about you, your experience, skill level etc... but for comparison I did fly a 28m WRC now fly a 24m Nuc xx and a 22m Snake 1.2. Both great wings. The XX is great for XC, but agile enough to have fun on, and the Snake is quite a bit more agile... but more tiring for XC flying.
If you’re looking to get into some 'fruity flying' you may need/want something completely different. I’d speak to a dealer/instructor as they will have more experience and better advise than people like me - I'm just a recreational flyer!

Good luck with it and take it easy!

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