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Excellent Parajet Customer Service

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Hello All

I have been avidly reading the forum for quite some time, from my first investigations into the sport last year up until now having recently got my first few flights under my belt.

I now feel that I should introduce myself as I would like to publicly say thanks for some excellent customer service which I recently received from Parajet.

I bought my shiny red Parajet Volution as an ex demo machine from my instructor earlier in this year along with a Paramania Revolution 28 wing. For various reasons the engine and carb had recently been replaced by Parajet and only had an hour or so on it. I then did a BHPA Elementary Pilot course at the insistence of my instructor before embarking on my paramotor training. The commitment of buying the gear and seeing it sitting there waiting for me, along with the deep desire to get back into flying was a great motivator to get through the trudging up hills and hours of ground handling practice!

On my first paramotor flight the motor failed during climb-out, but was easily re-started. My instructor and I put it down to inadvertently hitting the kill switch, which seemed reasonable amongst the buzz and exhilaration, along with the radio quitting (I forgot to set keyguard and it changed channel in my pocket!). The second flight saw the motor quit on climb out again and so I called Gilo from Parajet on his mobile who talked me through enriching the low and high jets on the carb. This seemed to work as on the next trip I climbed out to about 1000ft without a glitch. It then cut out after 40 minutes of cruising and then wouldn't give full power, but I was able to nurse it for the 25 minutes required to get it back to my field!

I spoke with Gilo again on his mobile and discovered that he was abroad on business. We then conversed over the next couple of days by text message trying to sort it, culminating in contacting Markus at the Parajet factory yesterday. A new carb arrived in the post today and will hopefully cure my problem! Fantastic, prompt service, way beyond the call of duty and confirming all of the good things that I have heard about Parajet on this forum and from my instructor who is also a huge fan.

So in conclusion to my ramblings, I would like to say a big hello to everyone here and a massive thank you to Gilo and Markus at Parajet for all of their help.

Best regards,


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