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Yep, I often fly from Redcar beach, along the coast and to the 400 foot cliffs.

This is actually one of the cheaper hobbies, once you have invested in training and kit. Running costs are really low, with fuel usage around 4 litres/hour.

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Hi Andrew, 

Welcome to the sport. You are as you say very limited "up north" for training. I trained and still am when the weather plays ball with Hull Paramotors. They will keep you right with training and advice. It's a fair way to travel (I live near Barnard Castle) but you would not regret it.

Enjoy the sport when you start.


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Hi Andrew

Another one here from the North East (Newcastle) 

I trained in Spain back end of last year as it was same cost overall as training in UK once you factor in non local accomodation etc..

I got a glider in march and been practicing ground handling in a local sports field, looking to add the motor shortly..

Got a friendly land owner just south of Hexham who has said I can fly from there when I get sorted. Also looking at getting some practice in with helpful folk on this group - powered flyers seem a bit thin in this area of the country so it's good to see others getting interested as well




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4 hours ago, mrchewy said:

How are Hull Paramotors? I'm in the Hull area and looking to take up the hobby. It's hard to find good information on launch sites in the area. 

I cant rate them highly enough. They're great people who will spend loads of time answering any questions you have. They provide excellent training on top gear (Dudek wings and Bulldog Paramotors), do tandem flights so you'll get to have an idea of what it's like, and they dont try to get you to buy the gear they sell...you will want to though. Also the lads who train/fly at their field are good blokes too, but you'll find most Paramotor pilots are.

Basically you cant go wrong.

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