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Tonights longish flight

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Hi Mark and all reading this

I took a while to get up after I rang you cos of two failed forward launches. Wind went round from East to SE so I had to move across field. Mate didn't turn up for landing With hang glider and Radne motor, so went to his and looked down at him packing up. Text message read I had a turn on takeoff attempt and bent king post. Oops. So carried on to Chudleigh through mild therms and observing Flybe route into Exeter. Hope you liked my 720. Didn't come low cos wanted to buzz my mate up top of Haldon by race course. Got nice pics of Haldon tower. Watched left and lost height for Exeter approach again on way back. Didn't see Cop chop sneak up cos busy takin pics of mate's building project. Took nice pic of Cop Chop too ...! Show you one day. Fast landing in nil wind.

Cant wait to go again. Dawlish sand spit towards exmouth beckons for some low level...! Had a gallon of petrol left on landing. Bugger shouldda done it.!


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Dave, when I told the kids you were going to be flying over they were all excited. We stood out in our car park to wait. By the time you got here we had quite a crowd assembled. (Neighbours are far too bleedin nosy)

i'm surprised you didn't hear the cheer when you flew over our house! :lol::lol::lol:

I would have got some good photos, but we are surrounded by a nest of phone cables etc. maybe next time.

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I'm having trouble with mine now. No DSL light even with phone disconnected and Ethernet light flashes and internet light goes out and connection then lost. Rain and wind make it worse. long running problem. BT say they'll charge 120 quid if they come out and find no fault. All the tests they do from their end show good line although one engineer says there's a fault 400 metres from house and new posts await a new section of line. Seems like they want to screw me over before fitting line. they already tried 189 quid charge on last bill for something I didn't ask for. Anyone else get probs with BT.

They'll want me to renew agreement for broadband next week. It's not working well enough though.

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Well, the Lemmings camping weekend is under way :D

Everyone is having a good time, even the kids. Great flying once the wind had died down. I was even persuaded to do a bit of groundhandling with Dave's wayward training wing! (Like I needed a second invitation :wink: )

Great bunch of folks.

Not sure if I can make it back tomorrow because two of my daughters are presenting a boquet to a local TV celeb at some point and I have been called on the get the pics. Weather not looking too good anyway.

Definately up for Sunday though. See ya nice and early :D

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A little bit of local knowledge, micrometeorology, watching that high pressure coming in from Wales AND a modicum of luck really paid off today.

From 1700 to 2130 hours was perfect flying weather here :D

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this evening. (Mainly because I'm not allowed to :lol::lol: ) Thanks once again to Farmer Dave

I saw all manner of creatures this weekend. Drowned rats, foxes and Hares. Then tonight, a new one for my collection, a turtle! :wink:

Did a couple of hours ground handling with both a DHV1 and a DHV2 wing (The DHV 2 is the one I have called the Giant Blue Slug, but it's anything but sluggish!)

Got loads of pics, so I'm uploading a few as I go. It's taking time because even though I have resized all the images to within the limits, AND kept all file sizes to 90KB or less, I keep getting the file size too large message! Grrr

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Took allen key to remove prop tonight and flew down across moor to Ashburton. Fought back against wind to Hound tor and landed at sunset. Phoned mates for pickup and had cup of tea with campervan people whilst waiting. Got it all into beaten Honda civic and then my journey home really began, via a local pub , followed by every P R O W rough track available. White knuckle ride or what? Just got home.

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