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I recently discovered the world of PPG and as an enthusiast of flying in all its forms this has definitely hit a sweet spot with me. I've already located a school near where I live (closest one is about 3 hours) and I plan to start lessons in a month or two. However in the meantime I want to do as much research as I can on equipment and techniques so that I have a better understanding of everything when I do get to start training. I've only skydived once and that was a tandem introduction jump so I really have very little understanding of parachutes per-say. However, I do have a very firm understanding of airfoils and how they work. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to better understand the wings used for PPG and how they connect to the harness and whats good/bad/etc. Also what motors and wings I should be looking into more and what exactly I need to be looking for in them (DHV 1 or 1-2 in a wing from what I understand). Thanks in advance for your feedback.

*edit: i'm 200 lbs, 5'10" and in pretty good physical shape (not sure if that last part makes much of a difference)

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Hi WingsJ

You don't say where you are based. Someone on here may well be able to recommend an independant instructor much closer to home.

I have only recently taken up this sport, so like you am doing as much research as I can. I have found this site particularly helpful, and some of the great folks in here even more so.

The general concensus seems to be to get hold of an old wing and get someone to show you the basics of ground handling, probably the single most important part of this sport.

Once you have done that and grasped the basics, you will obviously get a lot more out of any course you may enrol in later because you have already mastered some of the essentials to progression.

Good luck :D

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