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Ground handling wing

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Hi Jamie.

Since my days of learning I have been of the opinion that the best ground handling wing to learn with is indeed a similar or exact wing to the one that you'll end up flying with.  My thoughts behind that are that you learn from the word go how it behaves in the air and how it reacts to your inputs. I myself to the contrary though did at first use a wing I had bought from an auction site but found that I fought and struggled to keep it airborne due to its crispiness being long-since-gone. Under advice I bit the bullet and purchased my current wing and almost immediately I seemed to get on a whole lot better with the learning process.  (possible coincidence)

It is of course  a matter of pounds shillings and pence and not everyone can afford to do it this way and are busy saving in the meantime. An older wing is indeed good for learning about the risers etc and what they all do, but its my belief that beyond that it could hinder your progress. 

I am sure there will be other pilots coming forwards to give you lots of valuable advice.

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Thanks for replying frosty100 my instructor said the same to me, but the problem is im learning with few friends also and im not wanting them to split or tear my good wing....the basics will be the same with most wings surely but just have to work harder at it, to keep it up plus wind conditions is essential also

Thanks frosty100

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