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2019 Adventure Czech Republic

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Hi Chaps

I was looking at potential flying in Czech Republic for 2019.

I am Munich based so 3 hours from me is what looks like a potential spot.

Lots of formal info but maybe anyone else interested?

Thinking April but super flexible as no holidays jet to plan around.

Any experience of flying in this region appreciated of maybe some local knowledge.

Looking here:


There seems to be a grass airfield and plenty of potential sites....

Local hotels are not so expencive and was looking at a chalet for 1 to 2 weeks.



Sport Flying Device may be flown by

  1. the pilot, holder of the valid Pilot Licence with the adequate qualification, or
  2. the pilot - student on conditions established by the training programme

- Just before the flight, during the flight and just after finishing the flight the pilot or pilot - student must be able to submit folowing valid documents:

  1. the identity document,
  2. the Pilot Licence or the Student - pilot document,
  3. the Airworthiness Certificate of the SFD
  4. the Third party liability Insurance certificate


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