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Flight Times ETC

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I'm just doing a bit of research for a project I'm working on and it would be really helpful if as many folks as possible could answer the following questions

1. What is the length in time of your average flight?

2> How long would you normally run your motor at full throttle?

3. What percentage of available power do you use while cruising?

Thanks in advance to all that reply. The results are to be used in electric paramotor development.

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Only really use full throttle for takeoff... On my R80/115 machine i cruise straight and level at 7200rpm (max 9500rpm). On my R120/99 i cruise at 5800rpm (9600max)

I'd use maybe 80% throttle to climb to a height, then usually stay there, at cruise speed weight shifting. After reaching the flight objective/destination id usually do some lower level stuff around the landing field if enough fuel was available.


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Hi Mark,

My adverage flight time is very low at the moment at about 1 hour, last year it was closer to 2. (more students to keep me busy on the ground)

Just under full power on take off, and 30% power on Parajet Compact keeps me at equilibrium, and just over tick over on the Macro.


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