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Newbie Fly's At PMC Summer Fly In 2018, Help needed and a couple of videos

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Hi, im looking for anyone that may have video footage of my failed take off/ crash on the sunday morning of the summer fly in, 

set up was a bulldog with a red synth, and ended up with the prop going through the tank strap, 

Im not quite sure how it actually happened as it all happen pretty quick and would like to review the footage and also stick it on youtube ;-)

also here are two quick videos of the weekend 



this one was my first flight of the weekend, and my first engine out 


this was my second flight of the weekend, the first flight with an engine out is below


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Great vids, nice to watch that on a rainy day. 

I think this came up a couple of weeks ago here: 

I think I saw it as I was laying out my wing at the time - wind kept reversing and basically, you had a tail wind which meant you were going like stink and as you got to the crop field you were going too fast to do a controlled stop but not fast enough to leave the ground.  To be honest, I was quite impressed you managed to keep the wing up at all with the tail wind, you nearly made it.

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so basically just a bad judgement on deciding to try to launch rather than an actual failed launch ? 

i wasnt sure if maybe i felt lift and lifted my legs or if i tripped over, i just remember running like hell and then hearing a big bang (prop hit something) either ground or my fuel tank. then lots of vibration (unbalanced prop) so i killed it and started skidding on my feet to come to a quick stop. 


im surprised no one has any footage of it though, im sure it would have given some people a laugh.

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