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We now have a field

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Thanks to Dragonphotographic's contacts and negotiating skills, the Somerset Branch of the PMC now has extensive flying fields.

They are located just outside the RNAS Yeovilton ATZ and therefore some diplomacy is required to ensure that good relations and a sound operating plan is created to fly in harmony with the Navy. Frankly the position is legal and most if not all PM operations will probably happen outside Yeovilton's hours anyway. I will be dropping their SATCO a line shortly.

Th fields themselves are really superb from a flying ppoint of view, there are very few obstructions (apart form the Log Henge and a few trees) and the aspect of every field should produce a good laminar flow for straightforward departure and arrivals. The fields are not as scarred as you see the in the picture below, they are lush green at the moment and the air is gently scented... :lol:

The fields are used once a year (all year for crop/grazing of course) by the hirsute weirds (my sister used to be one) that populate the Glastonbury area once a year during the last weekend in May (non flying days for us). 10,000 of them will be turning up this year (no, not the big festival, a little one beforehand).

Please don't try and fly there (if you can find it) until you establish contact with Mark or myself as we want to set the whole thing off on the right foot. The people who own the farm are fantastic, Pegasus1 would be proud of them as fellow farmers.

As soon as we get ourselves straight on the insurance and operations foot we will communicate detail to you if you are interested in flying with us.

For those interested, just join the Paramotor Club Forum and drop either myself or Mark a line/email.


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I'm sure Norman's expert demonstration and clear descriptions helped as much as anything else. :D It's just a shame the wind was just that little bit too fresh to be able to do a circuit

the farmer was very impressed, and he's looking forward to a flight or two himself if and when it can be arranged.

Thanks for a great morning Norman, and I'm looking forward to flying with you. I reckon twice round the henge with a winsock tied around our heads will appease the resident deity and ensure a trouble free flight :lol::lol::lol:

I've put a few pics from the site in my album, and a few more will follow

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Still buzzing from our superb discovery. When a farmer tells you to 'help yerself, use any field you like 'wi grass init' I can't help thinking we have fallen onto our feet on a bed o'roses. Shame about the sewage lagoons but you gotta have something to throw the first solo boys into.... haven't you?

"Hold your nose Mark and don't open 'yer mouth!" Nice composition by the way!


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Norman, we are on the verge of yet another new safety system for PPG. "Olfactory reserve"

On a standard prevailing wind approach, you check your trim and altimeter. If there is nothing you recognise in VFR you sniff the air. If your eyes start to water immediately, you know you are over the lagoons and have to 'go round again' :lol::lol::lol:

(Do you think we've put enough people off so we have this perfect flying site to ourselves yet?)

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Excellent, don't know what you're worrying about Mark, noseclips are standard issue and the safety benefits far outweigh the odd whiff as you so rightly point out. As for putting people off.... strong stomach and stamina required plus a tube of mints and a Gorgonzola sandwich.

Our new caravan arrives shortly by the way...


Well not really but I am sure we can hash one up after robbing a passing Grockle of his caravan.... :roll:

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The 'Parahippys' were out again today kiting. Dragon will doubtless tell us all about his forward launching.

The site is absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to fly out of it. Montacute and Ham Hill just across the way, Glastonberry Torr. What a range of treasures to fly around...




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