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How do you transport your gear?

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Just had my first flight and now need to decide on whether to buy a small van as a third vehicle or get a tow bar fitted to my VW Sharan and buy a small trailer. What do you guys use to get your motor and wing to the field? What are the pros and cons?

I've also seen some people fit a shelf onto the tow bar and strap the motor to that, but I only think that's suitable for short distance driving, and dirt from roads would cover the engine.

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I like the towbar shelves as trailers can be a bit of a pain and you need somewhere to keep them.  A van is quite good, but then you have the smell of fuel.

If using a shelf, you can always cover the motor with a tarpaulin or plastic sheeting or even make a proper tight fitting cover to go over it.

Do any of the manufacturers make or supply covers for their machines?

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I've narrowed it down to either a tow bar shelf or a trailer now. I have a garage I can put the trailer in so it's not a big deal. I will be attaching it to a small car, Ford Fiesta which should be able to pull a paramotor on a box trailer just fine. Doesn't seem to be a huge market for box trailers in the UK that can it a paramotor snugly inside.

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