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FB Simo problem

Tomislav Markač

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Hi guys,

I have a problem with FB Simo, and I hope someone can help me here.

My engine is working perfectly fine and calm, however, sometimes when it is running in idle(when I am on the ground and ready to start), it just turns off by itself, and after that, there is no chance that it start it again for next few minutes. Electric starter keeps spinning proppeler, but nothing is happening, but if you try it after few minutes, you can start it normally. Do you maybe have an idea what that could be? I dont have rpm gauge, so I dont know what idle speed is, but it is pushing pretty strong even on idle.

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It sounds as though it could be your spark plug breaking down with temperature. 

If you have not tried already, I would try a new plug :-) 

The other thing that it could be is a vapour locked petrol tank... make sure that your breather hole is clear (normally in the filler cap) 

Hope this helps! 



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