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PAP Thor250


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PAP Thor 250 150cm frame (2016)


I dont need to fly tandem anymore and power of Thor250 is wasted in xc-flying mixed with some wingovers.. Bought a new paramotor so this one will be sold. 

72 hours, about 20/52 tandem/solo. 135cm prop (totally flyable but fixed here and there) and 150cm frame (some cosmetical damage due tree landing). Large harness with airbag, I'm 186cm and 75kg, comfortable on it. Rescue pocket on left/right side (no parachute included). Gauge for hours /rpm and water temp.

Extras included in the price:
-new and unused e-prop for Thor250 (400e alone!)
-new and unused Flash start
-some extra nozzles for carb

Latest model. Excellent and powerful. New gearbox oils + fuel pump + tubing at 60hours. Just today (17th Oct) flew my last flight with it; one hour, 3 liters, water temp around 60C, runs smoothly and has lots of power. Easy to start. 

Pictures (most of the pictures taken today, see dates):

Priced at "must sell" 3000eur + shipping, fixed price, please do not offer anything else this is too cheap anyway. In Portugal (near Coimbra), I can deliver it within one days drive (Portugal/Spain).

harrieske a gmail

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