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Pluma reviews


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thanks for the quick response.  My instructor requires the purchase of a motor (can be any manufacturer) once I am ready to get into the air.  Unfortunately,  there is no centralized source of reviews for the large variety of paramotors available.  The more I research the more confused I get.  I know I prefer a light weight set up if possible with a Moster 185 plus engine.  I am also concerned with safety, ease of setup/transporting, durability, good service.   Pluma, Parajet, Scout all look like good choices as I am sure there are others. 

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I have had a good look at the Pluma, the carbon looks pretty and the main chassis is fairly strong. Problems occur is you did have an accident a little harder than the test video, which to be fair all but the most basic alloy frame will withstand bum landings. Its when you land hard that the carbon breaks and you have to buy a new very expensive chassis. Where as alloy ones are cheaper and titanium ones will bend back. The weight saving is not huge, infact the chassis with carbon arms is still heavier than my titanium Air Conception frame with titanium arms.

Also not the small print. The moster engine, the only real choice from Adventure as the eole is not quite well, the moster is the only choice. Pluma Moster is 23.8kg without the harness is my understanding, so add on 2.6kg average for the harness. Now it could be 26kg. I didn't get to lift the one I was looking at. I did lift just the chassis and its nice and they always feel light without and engine so I was not fooled.

I would also look at the Parajet Maverick Moster or Air Conception Nitro and also have a look at the F-Light Nirvana

Get accurate weights and expected power / reliability. There is more to paramotor ownership than initial looks. Servicing, repairs, support, reliability, weight, fuel consumption, strength and fixability.


Pluma, nice looking machine. The far fetched figures quoted always makes me wonder. How come just their moster is quoted at 80-85 kg thrust, that then puts doubts into the rest of the numbers. Weight is from 23.85kg.. what do they mean from? Worth asking.

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Isnt 8000 euros,9500 dollars or 7000 pond a lot of money for this unit ??!

they say its light weight .. but not lighter then the competition

pluma eole 135 vs nitro 200

22.6Kg vs 21kg

24hp vs 28hp

135cc vs 197cc

70kg thrust vs 75kg trust

no clutch vs clutch

8400 euro vs 5750 euro

also .. no torque compensation and the harnas seems bulky

i think the primus is a better choice , then again ... its 27kg..




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