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Light weight and low power motor


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I have been researching paramotors and I have determined that the features that I am looking for the most are lightweight, reliable, have a mid-low or low hook in, have e start, and have a clutch. Price is no issue. The best motor I have been able to find that meets all of these is the AC NiTRO 200. There is one problem. It is a lot of power for someone only 115 lbs (52 kg). I was advised to look into the Top 80 motor, but that actually weighs more and does not have an option for electric start or clutch. I feel like this is a very strange problem. Are there any other motors that might work? Is the extra power even an issue? 

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Hi Himmel,

The Miniplane with a Top 80 engine does have a clutch. I would also say it does weigh less than the AC Nitro 200 with electric start. 

You are right in saying the Top 80 doesn't have an electric start but it does start very easily with the pull start, even in flight. 

Plenty enough power to launch me & my body weight is 82kg. 

Cheers, Justin

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