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Ross 125 spares Best Place to go to


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Hi Neil. I believe @cas_whitmore is your guy. To the best of my knowledge he has supplied forum mates with parts for the Ross 125 in the past.

I'm also aware that MarcMotor would deliver parts for this engine. Might well worth getting in touch with them as delivery only takes 2-3 business days. Website: http://www.marcmotor.com/sito/eng/mail.htm

Another source might be UK PPG - as far as I know they're a dealer and also UK based so might be well worth giving them a shot too.

FlyPAP were also useful to many as the main official UK dealer - https://flypap.co.uk/

The way I would go though is to contact them direct and see whether they will agree to supply the parts needed.

I hope this comes in handy and sorry if I wasn't helpful enough and you were searching for a specific supplier only.

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I had been trying to locate a carter for a Ros125 for ages with no success. I then contacted Nigel Davies at UKPPG not really expecting him to be able to find one. I left it with him and a week later he came up trumps. When it comes to locating individual parts he's a bit of a genius.

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