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D Shackles


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I have received a Kobra/polini motor with 20 hours on it (thanks Vince for the pointer)  and looking at the swing arms I see  triple webbed loops coming from a metal D shackle. This will be where the carabiner is to be connected. 

In my mind, the entire wing connectivity comes down to these D shackles. My question is, how strong are they and are they the only and main weight bearing components. The webbing splits off and there is another smaller shackle at the end of the swing arm. Maybe they are seriously strong pieces of kit. I'm a beginner so, please forgive me if I am talking rubbish..

Should there be some form of backup should they fail?

Any info would be appreciated.

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All carabiners come with a kN, or kiloNewton rating engraved into the spine. If you have carabiners without a kN rating DO NOT use them.

Usually about 21 or 22 KN.....so 2100 Kgs each. This is with the carabiner closed. If they are open then usually about 1/3 of strength.

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Hi AndyB,


Its not the carabiners themselves that I am looking for info about -its the D Shackles. My understanding is that the risers attach to the Carabiner, which in turn is connected to the triple loop webbing which is itself connected to the swing arm by a shackle. Its the shackle bolt/pin strength I am wondering about and a backup if it fails    https://www.dropbox.com/s/uy3q9irxc2x5oy7/IMG_0640.JPG?dl=0


I have carabiners for it -they have the KN number...https://www.dropbox.com/s/wufm08khk6c7g1w/IMG_0641.JPG?dl=0

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