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Top 80 oil ratio

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Hi all,

I've got a Miniplane with the Top 80 engine. 

What oil & ratios are you all using?

I've read on the Miniplane-USA website somewhere that you should use semi-synthetic oil at 2% giving a ratio of 50:1 or if using fully synthetic you should only use between 1.5 to 1.7% which gives a ratio of 67:1 & 59:1 respectively.

I was always led to believe we should be using fully synthetic at 2% 50:1!

For reference I've got Castrol Racing 2T fully synthetic oil & 97 octane petrol (not yet mixed!).


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Thanks guys,

I've felt a bit uneasy running it only on 1.5% oil. Surely a touch too much is far better than not enough? I didn't think there were 2 stroke engines that required running on less oil than 50:1 ratio.

What are the concerns on running too much oil other than being a bit smokey & not quite as much power?


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Too much oil will increase possibility of carbon build up, plug oiling up and usually oil seeping out from the exhaust but not neccesarily as it also depends on RPM, running temp, compression and many other factors - I have had good results on a reasonably old motor with a 1.6% fully synth mix.... Just watch your plug and mix accordingly...


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Regarding oil adding a little more can cause problems because the engine is running lean ie more air to fuel the extra oil lubricates the engine but also thins the petrol/air mix which in turn makes the engine run hotter! As long as you don't run more than 50:1 (2%) you should be fine.

I run my top80 on 1.7% ratio.


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