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Leamington Spa, clubs nearby or places to consider

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Good morning! Are there any Paramotorers..........PMers......Paramotoring sky wizards with experience of Warwickshire?

I'm Chris and will soon be taking my first tandem flight. I was hoping to meet up with a group in or around the area just to ask the normal Newbie questions........ What the best Parmotor and wing for me? Where to fly? What not to do? What's for dinner? And to generally get a feel of what's going on. That kind of stuff!

I'm in Leamington Spa and we're surrounded by what seems to me masses of scenic flights but rarely see PM's about? 

Anyway! Many thanks in advance for any info!




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Hi Chris. I live in Kenilworth and have recently finished my paramotor conversion course with Airways Airsports in Derbyshire. I have bought my own equipment but have yet to locate anywhere close by to fly from. Part of the problem is the Birmingham and Coventry airspace near me. I am favouring Stratford way. Let me know how you get on.

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