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Paramotor cutting out

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Hi there 

Went to do my 1st flight with my new motor (was 2nd hand) started up after 3 pulls and left it ticking over for 5-10 mins, pulled the throttle to 50 % power and went fine tried it again 1 minute later and engine cut out took around 15 pulls to start her up again and any squeeze on the throttle she cut out again. Any ideas could the mixture be wrong ?? There was a few leeks of oil around the exshult springs is that any indication 

The motor is moster 185 plus And has 10 hours on the clock.

Sorry if this is an easy answer but learning 



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Sounds like membrane in carb could be leeky....  wouldn't take much of a hole or crack to upset the metering.   The membrane should be changed every year regardless of use.  Its a very annoying problem when it happens, because just when you think it's ok- it will let you down again.


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