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want to buy a lightweight 2 stroke engine, what options in united states?

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hello good sirs and possible misses!

what are ones options for ~175-205cc and what do they cost? i have spent the last couple nights searching to little or no avail.  are there any other industries one can look to for options.  i enjoy projects and if there is substantial money to be saved with a lightweight generic 2 stroke i will engineer and fabricate what i need.  i would like something on the light side and am willing to pay extra for it as well, within reason.  if needed i can qualify this response further.

i may even consider going a little smaller say 150cc or so and just doing some more serious engine modifications; popup piston, porting head, small squish, custom exhaust and intake.

this project will continue to be researched between now and the mid/end of summer when i plan to start bring my ideas to fruition.

any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

live long and prosper!


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We had a guy on our field some years ago who had built a light (then) Paramotor from the Honda NSR 125 bored out to a 175 bolted onto a crank that I don't know what was. 

It looked and sounded great! I don't remember who it was but it was a visiting pilot from Poland I think.... I expect that a modern NSR lump would be lighter than it was back then. 

I get that this is not massively useful information but if nothing else, you at least know it can be done with an NSR lump. :-) 

Welcome to the Paramotor Club! Please do keep us up to date with your project :-)


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