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Better than trade price Parajet Black Friday offer.

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07983 428 453 Parajet black Friday 'less than trade price' offer 07983 428 453


All Zenith, V3 and Dudek models are included in this amazing offer please call for a quote.

Example 1: Parajet Zenith Moster + WAS £6282  NOW £5463 Save over £800!


Example 2: Parajet V3 Thor 80lc + WAS £5373 NOW £4672 Save over £700!


Example 3: Parajet Zenith Thor 80, Dudek Synth 2 custom colour, WAS £8567 NOW £7594! Save over £900! 

Full Paramotor Club members can also enjoy a further £30 off the order total! 

Anyone placing an order for a Dudek wing at the same time can expect a further £200 discount from the paramotor AND an opportunity to select any of the following colours custom for free (normally +15%) Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 16.43.35.png

Offers end on Tuesday the the 28th of November at 21:30 UK only.


Call 07983 428 453 to order any time up to 21:30 

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