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Hirth F33 Belt


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2 hours ago, Monty said:

I need a belt for Hirth F33. I don't know the numbers on the belt. Anyone flying F33 could help me please.

Hi Monty, i own a Solo 210 engine which is the predecessor, this might help you as i buy my belts of ebay as loads cheaper even for goodyear, If you measure all the way round the outside it gives you the length, ie :- mine measures 559mm (hopefully same as yours) and i use a "Goodyear poly-v 220j 559pj" but a 14 rib, if you look them up on ebay they offer 3-24 rib's so may cover yours in them.

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Because its few ratios your engine

Do like says kiwi k

Take pice of string and wrap around the belt ,cut string in place where string joining,now take string and measure length

we need also know how wide your ribs are .

For example 9.5mm, 4.5mm, 3.5mm or other

In here you have web side what you can get http://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/Products-Poly-V-Belts/c4747_5339/index.html

But if you decide to order mark you want only contitach this are the best!!

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