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Military low flying


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Am hoping to fly the North Tyne valley soon which is in the Spadeadam AIAA, I know there is no regulation preventing you flying in the AIAA but I don't want to become a statistic - one would expect the Spadeadam AIAA has similar times to those noted in the AIP, Spadeadam range (EGD510) is only open Mon-Fri or when NOTAM'ed.

So for reference check NOTAMs and fly outside the hours in the IAP - check here

Also I have found the following numbers to check with.

SPADEADAM RANGE CONTROL (01697 747321/95814 EXT 6388)

Carlisle Tower 01228 573629

You need to use this info if you are ever planning on flying along Hadrians Wall (near the A69) as this also passes through the AIAA.


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YAY Spadeadam range has been deactivated until 5th Jan, just had a short flight up to Kielder reservoir but was a bit bumpy so decided to land out and met another farmer out on his quad but could not convince him (yet) to let me use his fields, will try and persuade with a bottle of scotch later on.

Good news is the H&E is now running fine with new 115cm prop and overhauled carb.

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one thing to watch on the H&E carb (R80 Type). When you change your carb gasket, make sure that the pressure feedback hole is not obstructed. Sometimes the small holes on the gaskets don't line up right, and partially block the feedback hole. This causes the metering valve in the carb to malfunction, and will cause erratic running issues.

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