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Just had my first parablend!

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I'm sitting here on the beach waiting for my instructor to finish a cross country flight with another student that I was also supposed to be on. 

I was the first to launch. Nil wind, so I was in forward launch position holding the A risers in each hand around shoulder level. Instructor told me to warm up the engine so I started squeezing the throttle. 

Some experts here have probably already caught the error...

Anyway, an entire group of C lines got sucked back, through the netting, and into the prop.

Three blended C lines and one blended B line. The dyneema lines cut deeply into the wooden prop like a knife.

Now, what I *should* have done, because I was in the forward launch position (which we rarely do because here in NZ we almost always need to reverse launch), was to turn to my side to warm up the engine so that nothing could get sucked into it. 

So I reckon that's about $600 USD worth of damage right there and some extended ground time, waiting for replacement parts to be delivered, etc.

But overall I'm glad I had this learning experience in the environment of a class. I reckon I would have *definitely* done it on my own after I got my license.

So far, first engine-out on eighth flight, parablend on tenth flight.

So moral of the story - when in forward launch position and you need to warm up the engine before launch, turn to the side to warm up!!! Do not face forward to warm up!

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