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Paramotoring in Ireland

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Dear Everyone,

We are currently in consultations with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) regarding the licensing system for powered paragliding and powered hanggliding in Ireland. We will post important updates to legislation and how it may affect our national and international powered pilots as it becomes available. In the meantime we appreciate your input to assist us in finding a viable solution to the following in the consultative process with the Authority.

We have asked the Authority for a means for pilots from other jurisdictions that would enabled them to fly powered PG & powered HG in Irish airspace on a temporary basis. However as it is presently proposed, it would appear that some form of Class 2 medical from a nationally approved air medical practitioner will be required, along with a recognised national qualification/rating for powered PG or powered HG from the pilots country of origin may be accepted.

We would like to hear/read your opinions on whether this would accommodate visiting powered PG or powered HG pilots to fly powered while on holiday in Ireland as an interim solution. This process is by no means over and we would encourage and value your input and suggestions with a view to moving the situation forward.


Best Regards

Michael Peters


Irish Powered Paragliding & Hang-gliding Association (IPPHA)

E/Mails to: mpeters1509@yahoo.co.uk

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OK, so...first off Welcome :D

I am not sure that I fully undersatnad what you are asking? Correct me if I am wrong.

I assume that currently as a visiting pilot to Ireland I can not fly?

But a solution is in underway, aiming at something like this : I would go and get a medi certificate first, then fly assuming that the visiting pilot also had there local qualification.

For me if this is correct, It would make me think twice about the hasstle and I would fly else where, sorry...

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