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  1. Thanks for those answers I am looking at the options. I have also ordered a new set!
  2. I have nicked one of the e prop parajet carbon blades which should be repairable, but, I already have a spare eprop blade from the set which came with my parajet maverick mostar and which I had damaged (only one of the pair). So I put the 2 undamaged identical blades together a perfect fit (one has parajet on it the other eprop). So the question is why cannot I not use the two spare blades together? They are identically manufactured and the build process must be to a certain weight and design, so surely they are compatible? Anyone anyideas? Chris
  3. Hi Faraz, Let me know when you are ready to fly on your own and we can get together. What kit have you ordered? Chris
  4. Just come back from 2 weeks caravanning near Tintagel and have been past the Davidstowe airfield and wondered what it was about. Anyone know the web address?
  5. Just to ask if there are any other Paramotor flyers in South Wiltshire, I have just started after some training with Simon at Membury and have a local farmers flat hay field field nearby. I fly a Parajet Maverick Sport, Mostar 185 and an Ozone Roadster 2 and have had a couple of nice flights. Would like to meet other flyers to gain experience and advice.
  6. Help:  It looks like Membury are doing training, which I need, so how do I contact them as I am local near Salisbury?  Thanks.  Chris

    1. admin (Simon W)

      admin (Simon W)

      You just did :-)

      Give me a call on 07983 428 453 

      Simon W. 

  7. Hi all, am a CP paraglider with a new Maverick Sport Moster 185 and an Ozone Roadster 2, looking for other pilots in South Wiltshire for training advice and launch locations. Am just about to run in the engine, using the Vittorazi recommended 33 to 1 2T mix, which is not the Parajet 50 to 1 mix. To my mind the higher lubed mix is more safe for breakin!
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