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Anti theft tag tile finder

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Yes I have the tiles.

Honestly, they are rubbish.

Main problem is the range. (it's only as far as your bluetooth)

Secondary issue is the battery, mine lasted about 2 months then its a chuck it away job.

No god for anti theft I would say, but great for keys in a field of long grass. :-) :-)

I have a couple of tiles here that have never been activated if anyone wants to give me what I paid for them.


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Your correct about other peoples phones..

If you loose something with a tile attached, you can alert all other tile users that it's missing and they can opt to 'look out' for it with there phone too.

I think a good option would be Smart Water or Data Tagging type product. (making it too hot to handle)


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I have used these too... I did the crowd funding thing on these bad boys some years ago. I think they only work from other phones that are running Bluetooth and the tile software.

They probably aren't best used as a theft deterrent or for recovery (especially on something like a paramotor) as even if you are activating/looking for one they emit a beep. Any thief could hear that and discard it. A thief is highly unlikely to be running a tile app with Bluetooth on his phone too.

Where they score is when you lose something you've tagged around the house or somewhere you've just been. They record last known 'sightings' and will alert if in range. I've lost my keys camping before and the tile on my keys literally saved me from a world of pain. Same for checking that my missing wallet is actually still in my desk drawer at work!

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